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Effective teamwork only happens when a team's sponsor, leader and members 1) share a core set of values regarding their role in and engagement with the team and 2) make a commitment to fully participate in the team's efforts.  We have found it useful for the team leader and the sponsor to adopt a "creed" to remind team members of the critical success factors under which the team was formed and operates.

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The Creed can be used in a number of ways.  As a tool to:
  • Establish expectations when welcoming new team members into the team.  The document has a place for the team member, the team leader and the team sponsor to sign as part of the welcoming ceremony.
  • Focus on teamwork during a team meeting. Some teams read the creed at the beginning of their key meetings to remind team members of the core values that drive their teamwork.
  • Provide a framework for evaluating and discussing team and individual performance.  Items in the first "beliefs" paragraph, if absent, will have a potential negative effect on the team's overall performance.  Items in the second "commitment" paragraph provide elements to measure individual performance.

Click here to download the Creed in a PDF file format

We welcome the opportunity to visit with you, your team leader, and/or team sponsor regarding the dynamics of teamwork and the steps to creating a powerful infrastructure of teams within an organization.  Please <click here> to send us a message or arrange a time we can visit by phone.
Thomas Samson